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Problems with fitting the sink crusher throat into the sink and their solutions

31 / 01 / 2024 Kitchen waste disposers Weltservis sinks Back to the blog

In the kitchen, every detail is important, and this also applies to the installation of a waste disposal unit in the sink. If you find that the disposal unit does not fit properly in the sink and water remains there, there are several possible causes and ways to handle this problem.

1. Seal under the throat

Some models of garbage disposals have a double seal under the throat. You can try to separate or remove one seal, which would lower the throat and allow it to better seal against the sink.

2. Installation without top sealing

An alternative is to install the disposer without the upper gasket and use a special sealant. This way, you can ensure that the disposer's throat will reach the sink stopper, thereby eliminating the problem of remaining water.

3. Inspection of the work desk plane

Check the flatness of the worktop or kitchen counter using a spirit level. If necessary, you can adjust the legs of the cabinets or slightly tilt the counter towards the sink hole.

4. Bad design or shape of the sink

The problem may be in the design of the sink with incorrect drainage. Check if the sink is suitable for your specific type of disposal.


If you are dealing with the issue of incorrect disposal of the garbage disposal into the sink, do not hesitate to try some of the solutions mentioned. Proper installation of the garbage disposal will not only make your everyday use easier, but will also ensure efficient water drainage and minimize problems with waste accumulation. With careful approach and appropriate adjustments, you can enjoy your kitchen worry-free.

If the advice mentioned helps or if you feel unsure. Do not hesitate to contact us.

With friendly regards, Welt Team

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